Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quote on Reading (day 23)

This entire month I've been sharing things from my home front. I've spent several posts on books because in my home I try place a heavy focus on books.  I tend to read about an hour each morning before my little ones get out of bed, I read to my children throughout the entire day, my son reads to me, we read after dinner together, we read, read and then read. I'm in love with reading and I hope it only gets stronger everyday. 

Although I may not be able to strike up a conversation with the late reformer Martin Luther, John Calvin or Charles Spurgeon, or drink coffee and ask questions to Elyse Fitzpatrick, I can hear their thoughts and glen from their wisdom through their books. I loved the quote from Roald Dahl about throwing away your tv and installing a book shelf. The point is that each time we watch something it is impacting us, in some way. Although watching TV isn't bad, I think the time and content consumed are something we should continually be evaulating. Read, read, and then read, establish routines throughout your day where you read. I used to not read at all. I would have to force myself to read 15 minutes a day. Now, I enjoy it and can choose it over other things easier. Oh, and the books in the picture are at a local bookstore, thought it was gorgeous! 

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