Monday, October 15, 2012

Front My Home Front: day 15. Chalkboard Paint for Walls.

When we found out that we would have our first placement for adoption and found out who they were we ran to Lowe's as quick as we could! We searched and searched and found the perfect paint for our new children. We decided on a purple for our little daughter and a UK Blue for our son. As we were telling the paint assistant what we wanted he asked if we wanted it to be chalkboard paint, of course, why not? So, living with two chalkboard rooms for a year here are my opinions.


1. The cost isn't that much more than regular paint.
2. It works just like a chalkboard, which is pretty awesome if you have little ones that might have the urge to write on their walls.
3. It can provide hours of fun. Give your kids chalk and they can draw, write, scribble, whatever they want.
4. Major decor move, just think you can change wordings and sayings each week if you want.

1. When you erase the chalk it will look like a chalkboard. You will see some writing and chalk marks. This honestly, drove me crazy! I spent a lot of time making these rooms the perfect color and it would look messy when I erased it.

2. You can get all the chalk off so your walls are the shade you started with, but it takes work! You must use lots of water and scrubbing power.
3. If your children have asthma or allergies I wouldn't recommend chalkboard painting the entire wall.  Chalk dust will get everywhere and they will inhale it.
My overall opinion is that I love the idea but I'm not sure if I would do it again. I prefer making a chalkboard for them to use. or chalkboard paint a small area in their room, maybe in their closet? The kids did love it when they had it, they used it all the time! Maybe it would fun one day to do a playroom in chalk paint.

Has anyone else used chalkboard paint on their walls? What's your opinion?

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