Monday, October 8, 2012

Days 5,6,7: From My Home Front

Weekends are for fun. Actually, I believe and teach my kids that everyday is a day for fun and adventure, but weekends are usually the days we get out of the house and find unique things to do together as a family! This past weekend my husband's family came for a visit! This is the first time we have seen family since our move so we were all a bit excited! And of course when grandparents come we have to do super fun things like hop on a train for a ride! Here are a few pics! And again, I promise this blog won't turn into a 'mommy' blog per say but I do want to include my family and our story to be a bit personal :).

These are days 5/6/7 from my home front… I don't plan to blog on the weekends so mondays will be my weekend updates from my home front!
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  1. Love seeing pics of your family! Wish we lived close so we could have play dates! ;)