Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Missing?

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What's missing today? As women we say with strong language that all we need is Christ. I say it. I think I mean it, but often I don't. I want to be a voice of reminder to myself and to you that all we need is Christ.

We don't need:

1. a clean house.
2. an organized cupboard.
3. zero piles of laundry.
 4. dishes not stacked high in the sink.
5. to be physically fit.
6. cook only organic.
7. perfect children.
8. to never mess up.
9. to have a spouse that never messes up.
10. to have a girls night.
11. to have a date night.
12. to have a perfectly decorated country living home.
13. to make our little girls cute pillowcase dresses.
14. to never order pizza.
15. to recycle.
16. wake up early before sunrise.
17. to have it all together.

I really hesitate to publish this list because all 16 things are good. They all can make much of Christ and can make things in our life easier and smooth. Having a clean house and organized drawers helps, tremendously. Cooking organic, in my opinion, approves over all health. At the same time I don't need any of the above things to be happy. I don't have to have it all together. My children can bicker and fight and yet my happiness and joy remains. I can wake up late and feel my day is completely two hours behind but I can still have joy and satisfying happiness. Exercising is good and I have an abundance of energy when I do this, but if I don't, it's okay.

Maybe it's my personality, maybe it's my wanting to please others, including the Lord that causes me to be happy when I accomplish things and depressed when I don't. I need to constantly remind myself that I am pleasing to the Lord because of Christ. I make much of Him and Treasure Him in all things, even when the house is messy Jesus can be magnified.  Sometimes my children need more reading too and snuggles and laundry has to pile. Sometimes I just seem to not get anything done. Whatever the case we can rest our minds on the wonderful truths of the Gospel.

We are made right today with God because of the Cross. We are counted as righteous, perfect, favorable, heirs, children because of the Cross. We no longer clean our house and organized everything in sight to be pleasing and 'work for the Lord's approval.' We no longer discipline our children in order to make God smile at us. We strive, work, pour our lives into our homes, children, spouse, friends, church and others because of the love that is shown to us. Today, when we sin we are washed clean and seen as perfection because of the Cross. May we see how undeserved love is displayed to us and strive to keep our homes in order, rise early, to discipline our children, not out of duty but out of a gratefulness of our undeserved love.  When we fail, may we be a peace knowing we aren't reconciled to God by our actions by remember that our hope is in Christ.

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  1. Soooo encouraging. I love this! "We are made right today with God because of the Cross." Amen!!

    New follower from the Teach Me Tuesday Link Up.


  2. It sure takes the pressure off! Thanks for this reminder. (Following you from GMG).