Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chalk Paint. {intro}

Chalk Paint lover.

I guess I could now add that to my resume. Painting junked furniture with Annie Sloan paint is my new favorite hobby, it's seriously amazing. I've been working on a few pieces to update my home with that look ugly and outdated junk I find on street curbs and thrift stores. The problem I've found is the huge amount of time it takes. As mamas, we have limited time and I don't want my children to grow up and only remember their mom painting in the garage! Sanding, priming, dry time, first coat of paint, dry time, second coat of paint, dry time, finishing wax or preserver, dry time, then your done = way too much time!

My solution? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. In all seriousness, I'm not getting paid or a discount for naming this but when I find something I like this much and think it will make your life easier (at least you're painting furniture hobby) then I'm going to pass it along!


 Favorite things about this paint?
No sanding.
No priming.
Very little dry time.
Beautiful color.
Works on just about any surface but designed for furniture.

I purchased my Chalk paint the week before I moved across state but took the time to try it out anyway! I'm in the process of painting the most junkiest thing I've ever seen, no, I'm serious! My little girl and I set out for a few yard sales and found a bench for $5. It had tons of chipping something coming off of it, I didn't really know if it was repairable. My husband titled it junk and after a few months of not painting it we were going to put it into a yard sale. We forgot to put it in and I'm glad we did because after buying chalk paint its look fabulous! I'm not finished with it but when I am it's going on this blog for all to see the transforming work of chalk paint!

The catch with the paint is the cost. It is quite expensive but for me it's worth it because of the beauty of the paint and the amount of time you save! The other small catch is finding where to purchase it! It's not sold in your big stores, only local small stores! Where I just moved from the closest paint realtor was an hour and half away, now just an hour! 

Have you used Annie Sloan paint before? Are you in love? If you have some pictures of things you've transformed with this paint, please shoot me an email with pictures!

Both of these pictures came from Perfectly Imperfect Blog. Shaunna West does amazing things with this paint, check her out!

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