Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Supreme Happiness in Christ.

We often believe, even if we would never say it out loud, that if just one thing would change then we could be happy. Maybe in your case it's more than one thing but regardless of how many things you hope to change to finally bring about happiness, it won't. You don't have to wait for a circumstance to change to be happy and joyful.

Your happiness isn't rooted in your husband being romantic, your house finally being organized, your home being decorated a certain way you've always envisioned it, having amazing friends, having children who are well behaved, date nights, a clean house, or finally seeing results of you're eating healthy and staying fit.

It's completely resulted in being satisfied with the One who made you. Treasuring Christ deeper than anything or anyone else. When you are worshipping God you will find your identity in Christ and you won't need the above 'check list' to be happy. Is it nice when your husband takes you on date nights? Absolutely, but your happiness isn't dependent on it.

A lovely way to see if you are being satisfied in Christ and not trusting idols to bring about your supreme joy is: When your house isn't clean are you angry and ill? You may be striving to find security in a clean home, feeling that you are accomplishing something for yourself. When a friend does something that hurts your feelings are you crushed to your core? Your friend cannot be your Savior, she is a sinner just like you, hope in Christ who will never disappoint and display his patience towards you when you sin to your friend.

Do you get shook up and extremely frustrated when you kid's don't behave, especially when others are around? Maybe, your forgetting that they have Adam's inheritance of sin, just like yourself. Don't be surprised when they will treasure things other than Christ, they will, and you will to.

image via: Desiring God.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I've always tried to be aware of the fact that my husband can't and won't fulfill my joy. Only Christ can - I know this, but in reading your blog I'm realizing that I have allowed idols in my chiefly being the need for a clean house. It's not so much that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the end, but more that of relaxation in knowing I can now stop. I can see how this "need" has taken presedence over my Savior. Totally convicted right now.