Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Facebook Moments.

Do you  ever find yourself in a facebook moment? The moment that everything is 'good' the kids have been behaving well, you and your spouse are in a fairy tale, you've just completed your gourmet meal and dishes are clean and you are all sitting around playing a board game laughing? Or your on vacation and everything is 'good'? The tendency is to plaster, 'life is good' on Facebook for everyone to see.

The reality is that as a believer, in that moment your life is good.

Do you ever find yourself in another facebook moment, when the opposite is true? The moment when your children are fighting despite your efforts to calmly teach them that the Gospel is being patient with the other one as Christ is patient in the amidst of our sin? Yet they still fight. At the same time you really don't feel like cooking dinner and birds aren't chirping when you and your spouse are together? The tendency here would be to plaster on facebook, 'what else could go wrong'?

The reality is that as believe, in that moment your life is good.

As Christians we want to believe that everything is good in our life when we are comfortable. We want to say how good God is when in a physical drought we get the much needed rain. What about when the town literally needs rain? When farmers will loose all their crop if it doesn't rain, are we saying God is good and for us, during this?

The scriptures awaken us to the reality that God is for His children. Those who have redemption through His Son can always rest assure that everything is good. It may not be in the comfort we like but  it is good because God is transforming us to the person who makes much of Christ in every situation. I've recently read that instead of looking at difficulties as Irrational Troubles we should accurately view them as Transforming Tools.

Issues, uncomfortableness, problems aren't really these things. They aren't irrational as they seem, they are tools to transform us to treasure Christ more deeply. May God graciously begin to help us see all of life as tools for transforming us not as irrational troubles that cause us to question God's goodness.

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  1. I totally agree. Thanks for the reminder! Everyday it takes effort (or, not so much on some days) to see what God is doing or teaching me. It keeps my attitude in check! Its important, as your post reminds us, that every aspect of our lives are being watched (even social media) and we don't want to make Jesus look bad!