Wednesday, May 9, 2012


What is your default to trials in your life? When your spouse looses his job, your child is diagnosed with a disease, you have a rebellious child? What about the trials that we often don't categorize as trials: flat fire during carpool hour, slow cashier in checkout lane, children who won't sleep all night or a spouse who doesn't
seem to notice all the work you do around the house or with your small ones?

I'm strongly guessing that your natural tendency is to completely look past Romans 8:28. We might        

trust God in the 'big' trials at first, but as time wares on we loose sight. In the small trials we just think are 'life' happening we completely bypass God's promise to His beloved. He works e v e r y t h i n g for your good. Yes, even the messy footprints when you just finally got around to mopping the floor, the laundry that is bottomless, and even the child who is strong willed and has a way of bringing out your true colors.

All of these things God will use for your good. It's not a cliche of 'It will all work out' or a twist to 'everything happens for a reason' these are subtle ways of saying that the universe is destined to work itself out in a surreal kind of way. The truth is you must be anchored to something stronger than a fleeting self-induced way of positive thinking. The 'good' that Romans is speaking of is "conformity to Christ (v.29),  closer fellowship with God, bearing good fruit for the kingdom, and final glorification (v.30)." ESV Study Bible.

Although with each trial we can't see how God is working for our good I've heard it said that in each situation God is doing a hundred things at once. Even though we can't understand each way God is using it for our good may we seek to understand some. When your spouse looses his job and in return your families only source of income has ceased you can see how your complete hope and security must be in something that is unfleeting. Money, jobs, financial security will come and go but Christ is never fleeting.

When you have to wash the floor again, after you just cleaned it, maybe the Lord is teaching you of your selfish tendencies. The tendencies that we have to finish everything we have on our daily cleaning list so we can relax at the end of the day and this mud is messing it up.

May you see each trial, each situation that tests you to question God, to loose sight of the Treasure that He  is as a means to conform to Christ, to rid yourself of idols that keep you grounded and enslaved from truly seeing the only One that can truly satisfy your soul. May Romans 8:28 be an anchor that is un moveable, stuck down in the depth of your soul that will be stuck in the pit of your despair and lead you to seeing Christ a mist any situation that arises. May these few quotes from John Piper encourage that anchor to take root.

"If you live inside this massive promise of Romans 8:28 your life is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. Nothing can blow you over inside the wall of Romans 8:28."Outside Romans 8:28 all is confusion and anxiety and fear and uncertainty." John Piper

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