Friday, April 6, 2012

Preparing our Children for Easter

Preparing ourselves is vitally important, but so is preparing our little ones for Easter. Children learn through some of the ways adults do. Just as I prepare myself for the death of my beloved Savior through books I also try to prepare my little ones for the Death and Resurrection through age appropriate books. Here are a few books that I recommend. Noel Piper has several books she recommends for our little children. What books do you suggest to prepare our children for Easter?

The Jesus Storybook Bible
by Sally Lloyd-Jones
$9.33 purchased via Westminister Bookstore

Big Thoughts for little Thinkers : The Gospel
By Joel Allen
$5.49 purchased via CBD

The Missing Sheep
by Carine MacKenzie
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  1. Hi Marcie,

    I just stumbled on to your blog (I think because I Googled "Cowboy Party" or something similar). I am amazed that we love so many of the same things (The Jesus Story Book Bible, John Piper, the Gettys to name a few). Anyway, I just started blogging and thought I would leave the link for a post I wrote about Kids and Easter.

    I followed your blog and look forward to reading more!