Monday, April 23, 2012

Faithful Love.

"My lips will glorify you
because Your faithful love is
better than life."
Psalm 63:3

When we reflect on this verse I think we must start with the meditation of God's faithful love. His faithful love is strengthened when you reflect on your sin and when you are going through trials.

Undeserved: When we think on how sinful we are we began to see how undeserved God's love is. Think of your current state, not before salvation but now. We boast and brag, we act as if we have everything together but reality God has everything together. We are unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful several times each day, which equals out to be a very sinful person. Think about your sin, does that merit love? Absolutely not, it deserves judgement and wrath but, yet His faithful love remains.

Death Defined: God's faithful love can be in part defined by death. Actions are so strong in our culture and I believe that most people tend to overlook this element of God's faithful love. His love reached an apex when the God man was announced dead at the Cross, on our behalf. Reflect on the lengths that was taken for the Bride of Christ, is this not an amazing testimony of the love of our Savior?

Ceaseless, Never ending: Although we affirm this we have a hard time with this on the ground of our sinful hearts. God's love is ceaseless, you can never go to far as a believer. His love will not come to a halt when you have committed a sin, when you have been too arrogant to even notice it His God who is causing everything in your life to work for your good, not yourself. That He is behind every gift, even faith to trust in Him. 

Relentless: The love that God has towards the Redeemed is relentless. It's pursuing us, chasing us, and will do so because He wants us to know we are loved. Why? because in us knowing His love we will understand true realities of His character and will naturally love Him and make His name known.

Beckoning, Awakening: The Love of Christ awakens us and beckons with a strong proclamation of His love.

Incomparable, Matchless: Think of all those whose love has failed you. Those who have cut ties or their friendship with you. Maybe you did something to cause that, whatever the reason we have all experienced this. God's faithful love is not mirrored in this. It is Matchless to any human love, we cannot even compare it to the person who showers the most love on us. Our love isn't able to even begin to measure up to God's love towards us. Our love can be short lived, we think other need to deserve our love and our love can be at times ending while Christ's is not.

I've only scratched the surface on God's faithful love but when we consume our minds with these Truths how can our lips keep from glorifying God? This faithful love is truly undeserved when we see the sin in our life, it has reached an apex by death, it is ceaseless, is is always pursing us and awakening us to the Glories of Christ and it cannot compare or reflect any human relationship on earth. May we flood our minds with God's faithful love and out of our lives will flow actions which will show the world that we are sinful but we have a Love upholding us.

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  1. Yes, His faithful love is undeserved. Great encouragement!