Wednesday, April 25, 2012

God's Love Towards Us.



We are told to Love God and to Love Others.
It's all over the Bible, it's preached on weekly.
We tell ourselves under our angry breaths to just love them.
Are we just self-help Christians, just putting 
a twist on the self-help, be the better you?
Or, are we pursuing a love that will naturally flow from our lives, 
one that will be patient with others and truly display love?

How do we obtain love that is patient with those who sin against us? Love that is poured to those who don't deserve love?                                       

By never leaving or going beyond the Cross. It is at the Cross where we must remain, every day of our lives. 

We must take a deep look at ourself. I see the tendency in myself and others in my life to think we're doing pretty good. I mean we go to church and we're involved, we don't drink or smoke or curse, some of us are stay at home mommies and by all means some of us homeschool our little ones. Can I share something I hope is not a secret {even though I'm sadden that so many believers aren't aware of this}we are still major sinners. Yes, we all acknowledge we were sinners before salvation, but we are just as much now.

 Personalize that for yourself. All of the above listed 'good things' that we do daily or the 'bad things' we refrain from do not merit anything with God and they do not cause Him to favor us. Take a breath. Maybe read it again, because it is true. Our right standing before God is not based on what we do or what we don't do, it's conclusively on Jesus' righteous account.

I hope that fills you with delight. If you've thought for years that your really not that sinful or you've not really personalized or diagnosed your sin then I hope you will begin now. If your thoughts are, "I just let my husband have it every once in a while and we all know he needs straightening out sometimes," or "Yes, I may gossip a little but, we're all ladies and we can share a little about someone, especially if we saw them at the mall and they didn't say anything to us!"

Do you see the subtle tendencies we face everyday? We have learned to down play our sin. As a deadly result we esteem ourself. We build up our 'self esteem' and we have deceived ourselves and are not living in the reality of our true state. We are sinful. Yet, God has chosen, determined and fixed His love on us. Even when we sin. Even when we finally begin to see how sinful we really are {even thought we've been saved since we were 5 and was always a 'good girl' growing up} and the weight of the sin comes as a weight on our soul. It's at this point where we can finally begin to understand God's love. God loves you because of Christ, because He has placed His perfection of a life in your place. 

After drinking from these wonderful truths, after we affirm in our hearts the reality of our sinfulness, the patience in God towards us, His ceaseless forgiveness His love which is completely lavished on undeserved people, how can we not love others? When you are tempted to put people at arms length because they have hurt you, don't. Rejoice in the fact that daily you do things that should make God to put you at arms length, yet He doesn't. He is patient with you, sometimes for years, be patient with others. Have ceaseless love. Love that person who is unloveable, are you not the same in God's sight apart from Christ?

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