Monday, March 19, 2012

Teaching our Children to Fight Sin.

Fighting sin is something that I've been learning through the years. I've learned that if I'm passive then sin will take over my life without me even noticing. It will wreck havoc in my heart and steal all of my joy and happiness and leave my pride, idols and desires for selfish gain freely reining in my life.

Ways I fight sin is to daily preach the Gospel to myself. I remind myself that my performance does nothing to merit favor or a 'righteousness' with God, my disposition is settle. God's disposition towards His children are settled based on the Cross, Christ's perfect righteousness and therefore my standing is that of Jesus'.

I read. I read a lot to flood my mind with truths instead of allowing my default thoughts take over. I pray for God's aid in my fight with sin. Although this is only a few ways I fight sin I've been thinking a lot about the implications of my children fighting sin in their own life.

Do you consider your time at church enough to help you in your everyday struggle with sin? I dare to say no, you fight with scripture meditation, prayer and reading daily. My children are too young to read on their own and even music is sometimes beyond their comprehension. Something in my life that is lacking now is helping my children fight their sinful tendencies.

I must not only read them Gospel stories but relate it to their sinful little life. When we memorize scripture I need to explain how it affects them personally. I need to examine and seek to understand the root idols in their life, and help them to grasp it, not just simply try to change their behavior.

I need to help them understand that as believers their need for a Savior is daily. When they sin I need to remind them {along with discipline} that they are forgiven based on their correct standing with God, based on Christ. When they are 'good' I need to remind them that even our best efforts don't merit favor with God.

I need to encourage them to love, be gracious, kind, self-less because of the love they have been shown. May we actively teaching our children unfavored grace so that we don't create Pharisees that go to church, repeat the catechism, have all the verses memorized yet have no love, and no understanding of God's character.

What ways do you enable your children to fight sin in their own life?
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  1. Yes, amen. We need to teach our children their need for a Savior, and that they don't earn his love (or our love) by being good. And of course teaching them that they are forgiven because of what Christ did. Great post, Marcie!

  2. I have no children but your post reminds me of a book my husband had to read for seminary that I think deals biblically with children and sin. It is "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. After typing my husband's notes I realized what a great book it would be for parents.