Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Homemade Display

This homemade display can be used for so many things and super cheap!
Display those cute cupcakes you just made, cookies, cakes or anything else that needs to be displayed.

{I purchased two silver trays and two candle stick holders at the Dollar Tree.}

Prime. Purchase a spray can primer and coat each tray and both candle stick holders. Make sure you let this completely dry {follow directions on can}.

Once your primer has completely dried
then add two coats of spray paint to every item
{following directions on can}.

Glue. After all the paint has dried place your strong glue to the bottom of the candle stick holder's edge {all the way around} and then carefully place in the center of the bottom tray. Hold it down for a few minutes and let it get a strong grip.

Glue. Next just keep adding your layers! Place glue on the top of candle holder and place tray on top of the holder. {If you prefer you can switch this direction with the previous one.... place the tray on the top first and then keep adding}

That's it! The biggest tip is let everything completely dry. It takes time and you don't need to rush or it will mess up. Also, make sure you line up your candle holders even... as you can tell I was in a hurray and mine didn't make it out even! You can do these in whatever color is your fancy! I'm thinking different colors for different seasons or if you a fan of a certain team you could have the coordinating colors!

{Food shouldn't be placed directly on these trays because of the paint, I just put paper dollies down and it dresses it up even more!}

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