Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gospel Song.

What are you in need of each time you sin? What about each time your tempted to settle for a temporary happiness and not the ultimate satisfying Christ? The Gospel Song. You need it to swoop in and invade your wandering thoughts. The Gospel Song must come and take center stage to drown out all the other voices.

What does this Song sound like? It's declarations about your life in Christ. It is truths about your identity. If you have been justified through Christ, not based on your works but brought near to God through Jesus' death then you are:

f o r g i v e n. a d o p t e d. p e r f e c t.
b e l o v e d. h e i r s. h o l y. r i g t e o u s.

All of these things must be sung over you. They are not to be background music that we become accustomed to and hope the preacher will move past because we've heard them and we know them. They are declarations about us that we must dwell on moment by moment.

Other voices will be diligent to drown out the life giving declarations. The voices that are so subtle that you won't realize you're being captivated by their persuasive lies. It comes in so many forms but at the root they are pointing to idols in our lives that we treasure above Christ.

Some forms include:
works righteousness
{trying to earn your right standing before God}
{trusting yourself and your plans above God's goodness}
{losing hope because you sinned again}
{not believing that God is working everything out for your good}
un forgiveness
{not forgiving someone who has wronged you by forgetting how much you have been forgiven}

{These are only a few of a list that could go on and on to suit your own struggles but I believe the list above are a few in which each person could identify with}.

May we be diligent to Cultivate the Gospel in our lives and may Christ sing the Beautiful Gospel Truths over you each moment you are tempted with sin.
May the Beautiful Melody fill you with delight.
May it cause you to be still and bask in the beauty of your identity in Christ and may it cause the other voices seem destructive and joy-stealing as they really are.

* I'm reading Counsel from the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick and these meditations flowed from this book. I encourage you to read it and soak up the wonderful Gospel-centered truths. The concept of the Gospel being a song which must take center stage and drown out the other voices was taken from this book.

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  1. My first visit here...a great post and love the setup of your blog.

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