Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"For our time is just an instant
it is here and then it is past
so I hold my breath to try and
slow it down and live this
moment for a while."
-Sheila Walsh

My daughter received the most
beautiful cd full of lullabies. I have uploaded it to my computer so I can listen to it all day. It causes me to stop and think about time. Everyone has the same amount of time. So many people speak of wanting time to hurry, they want the 5 to reach the clock so they can get off of work, or the days to pass quickly until the weekend or a special holiday. I don't want to live this way. I want to enjoy, savor and learn what God is teaching me in each moment.

The words to the song, "Live for this moment" by Sheila Walsh is moving me to take time and enjoy each moment.

May I seize each moment to delight in God. To take time slowly and use each moment to think and reflect on the Gospel and be fueled to radical selfless living, for my children, my husband, family, church, neighbors and everyone in-between that the Lord would be made much of through this life.

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  1. This is such a wonderful reminder and a great encouragement to read today! Thank you!

  2. So very true! I do try to just stop and look around and take in everything knowing that all has been given to me only by God's grace. I am so blessed - thanks for the reminder to stop and enjoy every moment!!!

  3. I really struggled with living in the moment this last year due to stress. I have vowed to work on that this year. I know each moment is a blessing so I am not sure why I struggled with it this past year.

  4. Monica, I'm so glad it helped you, it has really given me peace!

  5. Felicia, may we continue to do what you have said, enjoy everything in view of grace. So often we just run through time but, you've got a great perspective of stopping and looking!

  6. I think a lot about time too, especially the lyrics of a song I used to listen to:

    Everyday is a bank account.
    Time is our currency.
    No one is rich. No one is poor.
    We get 24 hours each.
    So, how are you going to spend?
    Will you invest or squander?
    Try to get ahead or help someone who is under?

    Teach us to count the days.
    Teach us to make the days count.
    Lead us in better ways,
    because somehow our souls forgot...
    Life means so much.

    Just like we decide how to spend our money, we also decide how to spend our time.