Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Performancism.

Our Performancism.

if we succeed we receive pride.

if we fail we receive despair.

The Bible makes it clear that the gospel's premier enemy is legalism, or in another uncommon word performancism. Performancism displays itself when "what we need to do, not what Jesus has already done, becomes the end game."

The ultimate end of legalism, moralism, performancism is slavery. The issue becomes about us and what we have to do to earn our identity "instead of resting in Jesus and what he accomplished to establish for us." It grabs us, and forces us to slave under the master of earning God's favor, acceptance and justification.

Most readers, I assume, would rightfully announce that they are justified by faith alone in Christ alone. They would uphold that their salvation was completely based upon Jesus' life and not merits or works completed by themselves. All of the above are true. magnificent. beautiful. and something to be in awe of.... everyday. but, how do you view your Christian life?

Life after salvation is spent as if we must earn God's love, be justified by Him, work to be a child of His. This is called peformancism. It is not the Gospel. It's not the way of the Christian.

We are accepted because of Christ.
We are justified because of Christ.
We are loved because of Christ.
We are chosen, beloved because of Christ.
We are declared righteous and holy because of Christ.

The Christian life isn't 'get to work' to earn anything from God, it is 'it is finished.' When we rest in this reality we will begin to have peace, joy and freedom that we have never experienced. This will in return spur us on to live lives that are marked with radical generosity, radical selfish-less and lives continually being poured out for the Gospel. The first is motivated by earning favor and being accepted by God the second is motivated by the Gospel.

The concepts I'm learning and the above quotes are from my current daily reading regime of

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  1. Loving the rest this brings! Great thoughts here.

  2. Love this line: "The Christian life isn't 'get to work' to earn anything from God, it is 'it is finished.'" Great post! Blessings!