Monday, January 23, 2012

Idols we don't see.

Our desire for something can become so strong that they twist our thinking. Think of one thing today that you've desired very strongly. Maybe it was something you wanted your spouse to do, maybe it was a certain behavior you wanted your children to display, whatever it is I'm certain that if the outcome wasn't what you wanted you became frustrated and angry.

Having your children behave well isn't in and of itself a sinful desire but, when your children don't respond the way they should it shouldn't rock your world. If your continually frustrated and angered when the response isn't whats needed is then a bigger idol is being exposed in your heart.

Perhaps the Lord uses difficult trials in your life to expose idols in your heart. This week has been a week full of exposing things that I treasure above Jesus. Oh, it's so tempting to say we love Jesus, He's my treasure, I serve only Him, but, we foolishly don't understand our own heart. This is when the Lord graciously begins to shed light in the dark corners of our heart that harbor and breed idols. The things that I hold onto and grasp for and believe I have to have to be happy.

If you believe that there is anything you have to have other than God to be happy then that has become your idol/god. So many idols in our life go unnoticed, untended to, unreached. We think that our desire to have a nice home, well behaved children, a pleasant church to attend, friends to trust and family to live near are normal and pleasing to the Lord and these desires at at some level. At some point however, I believe most of the mentioned things become idols that need to be dealt with.

A good test to see if something is an idol is by imaging yourself without it. If the Lord called you to move what would be your reaction? Would you willingly and delightfully obey the Lord, leaving your family, friends, leaving that nice comfortable home that you have finally decorated just right? Most of us would not do so. I've been around so many people lately who have casually said, "NO way would I ever move away from my mom, or my {grown} children, or grandchildren. My inward response is, "Why not?"

Do we not have a God who has promised that He will work everything for our good {Romans 8:28}? Do we believe that God + our family, friends, nice home = happiness? Ladies, I believe most of us have bought into the 'American Dream' but of course put a Christian spin on it such as no drinking, smoking and make sure we attend church and our kids are in Awana. May we not be fooled, may we seek the Lord to expose idols in our hearts so the Lord can change us to derive all our security from Him.

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  1. a very timely post for me... THANK YOU.

  2. WOW!! Have you been peeking in my windows? lol I just happened to stumble upon your wonderful blog! They say that with God there are no coinsidences....I have been seriously struggeling with this very thing lately and I might add failing misserably.It just seems like Im constantly yelling at everyone.Did i mention I have a 14 year old "Teenager"? She and I just cant seem to get along anymore and I dont know why,my hearty is broken and nobody seems to listen to me...I have found comfort with my new blogging attempts but now Im always crafting or blogging and not getting anything accomplished and Im always exhausted? WHEW! OOOPPPSSS Sorry I didnt mean to babble on you just really ministered to my heart,Thank you. Im so happy I found your blog:) Deidre~

  3. Hi I am following you from the wednesday link up! I love this post....but can I say your profile about me struck a cord in me that I wasn't expecting. Where you say " it's my passion not to waste my life but, to make it count for the glory of God."...I just had to reread it a couple times. Thank you. Everything we do should be motivated by our desire to glorify our sovereign Lord. Thank you so much.
    Ashley at

  4. Our family is facing a where, we don't know yet. We are trusting the Lord to guide us and are seeking to be obedient to Him. Except that I have had days when I have poured my aching and sobbing heart out to Him, asking Him to please not move us away from family. After living a full day's drive away from them for many years, being only two hours away has been a wonderful blessing, especially for our children. But, here I am...reminded to be obedient above anything else, knowing that He will work everything to the good. He knows what is best for us, and His plan is far more perfect than mine could ever be. Thanks for your post...:)

  5. Thanks for posting this. I am a missionary living 1/3 of the way around the world from my children...and now grandchildren! I recently posted about people who continually say to me that if THEY had children in America, they'd be there. If THEY had grandchildren, they'd be where the grandchildren are. As if there were something wrong with me! Don't get me wrong -- I would LOVE to be right where they are. But the truth is that God called me elsewhere. And when He calls, He will enable you to do whatever it takes! SMASH YOUR IDOLS! Good words!

  6. Thought provoking and well written! We forget that God sees into our hearts, minds, and soul. What does he care if we went to church on Sunday and have the kids in Awana if we put him on the back burner in our own personal hearts. Wonderful post!

  7. It is amazing how easy it is to let one of God's good gifts slip into His place. I appreciate this reminder. Blessings!