Tuesday, October 25, 2011


"Our best duties are so many splendid sins.
Before you can speak peace to your heart you must not only be sick of your original and actual sin, but you must be made sick of your righteousness, of all your duties and performances.
There must be a deep conviction before you can be brought out of your self-righteousness; it is the last idol taken out of our heart. The pride of our heart will not let us submit to the righteousness of Christ."
-George Whitfield

It's often encouraged through music, preaching, books and other teachers to focus on your sin, specifically the deeds done in the negative sense, not reading your bible, not going to church, not being disciplined, watching the wrong things and the list goes on.

How often do you hear of the sins of your righteousness of your duties and performances? The sin in where you pride your self in your own good deeds and upright moral life.

Do you consider your self a righteous person? What is the premise of your reasoning? Is is because you don't curse, drink and watch R rated movies? Or is your righteousness due completely on Christ's account? Just a few thoughts that I've been wrestling with myself lately.

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  1. Without Him, I can do nothing. With Him, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!