Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tea Party

I'm really excited about this post because you get to see some pictures of a tea party I hosted over the weekend and because I have a giveaway announcement at the end of this post!

My husband has been a lead pastor for a few months now and I thought it was the prime time to host my first women's get together! Okay, actually it's seems to never be a good time but, I made it work. I wanted to host this in my own home so that the ladies would feel comfortable to come by anytime they might need counsel or just for a quick visit. I worked for basically two weeks on the decorations and I had so much fun!

The theme of course was tea pots, tea cups and anything feminine! When the ladies arrived I welcomed them into my living room where we chatted until everyone arrived. After a bit of chatting we played two games: purse scavenger hunt and pass the tea cup. The purse scavenger hunt consists of the ladies digging through their purses to find the items that you call out and the ladies with the most things wins. For the tea cup game a tea cup was passed in a circle to music, when the music stopped whoever held the cup won {of course I had to make it a little tricky by saying, "Reverse" every few seconds!

After the games I gave a brief devotion and then we all headed to the backyard for tea time! I had hot water and the ladies chose between three different herbal teas. Lemonade, water with lemon slices and Sweet Tea were also served. The food table had mini strawberry cheesecakes {which are really easy to make}, mini brownie bites with pearl toppings, chicken salad croissants and lots of tea cookies.

Most of the dishes were borrowed from my grandmother. They were her first dishes as a newlywed and I was so honored to be able to use them!

Now.... for the other amazing part of this post... see the adorable way I designed my pics? Yup, it's amazing software that I'm giving away!

Have you ever hosted a tea party or attended one?

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  1. Oh, what a lovely tea party! I've wanted to host one of these for a while now. I've been thrifting piece by piece to collect some pretty pieces to use. I've been thinking about it for 2 years now, so hopefully some time soon I'll go ahead and do it already! Your post has gotten me excited about it again--thanks!

  2. Tea parties are so much fun! Yours looks wonderful

  3. Yes! I have hosted several tea parties! They are always a hit, and loved by all!

  4. I hopped on over here from you link up at WLW. This looks like a great party, and I bet the women from your church really felt honored by all your hard work. Thanks for sharing pics with us!