Saturday, September 3, 2011

Coffee Break

Hope you can start your weekend by reading some great articles I'm passing on!

Temperature Wars {Calvary Love} by Hidden Treasures
This post is filled with wonderful reminders of how our love has to be driven from the love on the Cross. photo via

An interesting post from Dr. Russell More in regards to a woman president and a conservative viewpoint. photo via

My Happy Confession of Having No Merit Desiring God
A brief reminder of how we have no merits apart from Christ, we have no reason for boasting. photo via

"Girly girl" vs. Feminity Reformation Lady
An article from a dear friend who was raised
as a missionary kid and has great perspective that those raised in the states often lack.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about anything you read, I know some of them will spark some attention :)!
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1 comment:

  1. Loved Dr. Russel Moore's article! We were so blessed to have my husband attend and graduate from Southern Seminary!

    Thank you for the good reading links!