Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Help Mommy

Do your kids help their mommy? Sometimes it's easier to just dust, vacumn, sweep and do all the chores by yourself. It's quicker, no explainning and no going back over it to get it up to our standards but, what if we let our little ones help? I've found that my kids love to help their mommy. They enjoy keeping our home tidy and clean and I think that's a good thing plus it helps take a little bit away from our daily work.

A few things that my kids help with:
sweeping {they can do this all day any day because all of our floors are hardwood}
clean sinks
dry dishes
vacuum rugs
rake outside
pick up sticks outside
pick their clothes up
help fold laundry
help unload groceries

Do you let your kids help you with chores? What do they help you with?
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  1. Yes oh yes!!!! I pick a helper each day and that helper sticks by me and joins me in whatever chores I get to do for the day. From cooking to detailed cleaning, its a fun way to have one on one time and also shows them just how much mom really does!!!!! I WAS one of those mom's who did it all myself but now I can't imagine not having all my little helpers!!!!!

  2. My children help me every day, there was a time I just wanted to finish myself but its such a joy to have them helping me!!