Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why is Marriage Magnificent?

"The awe and wonder of marriage or “the greatness of marriage is that it displays something unspeakably great, namely, Christ and the church.” {This Momentary Marriage pg. 138}

When you are at a wedding don’t you reflect on how marriage is such a good thing, a magnificent thing? Even though marriage isn’t a fairytale of never facing trials and having to be refined it is a beautiful thing. Have you ever wondered why it is such a beautiful or magnificent thing? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not because of marriage it self but because of what it is modeled after, points to and portrays. John Piper lists these three truths in his book This Momentary Marriage.

Marriage is modeled after something magnificent, Christ and His church. Christ loved the church; He laid down His life for her. Marriage is a daily fight for this, we don’t physically give our life for our spouse {although we might face that in our lifetime} but we daily give ourselves sacrificially. We put the others interests above ours. We show grace and we forgive and bear with our spouses when they are at fault, just as Christ does with His church. We as wives submit to our husband’s decisions and allow him to lead. image via

Marriage points to something magnificent, Christ and His church. When we correctly love our husbands then our marriage will point to Christ and His church. When our husband offends us and we forgive we are displaying to those around us how Christ forgives His church. We are able to in our marriage relationship to point to Christ. image via

Marriage portrays something magnificent “as Christ loved the church” and as the churchsubmits to Christ.” When we delightfully fulfill our roles in marriage we will portray something magnificent to the world. When your husband loves you as Christ loved the church Christ will be displayed and the world will have an accurate view of Christ and the church. When we as wives submit to our husbands we are displaying to the world that the church submits to Christ because He purchased the church. The opposite of course is true, when our roles are messed up {wife being unsubmissive} then it will portray an inaccurate view of Christ. image via

Think deeper about your marriage than the fact that marriage is a good thing, think about how it has the amazing power to display Christ and His church to the world. It can point the lost to the beauty of Christ and aim at bringing them to Himself and it can encourage believers to treasure Jesus by the way it’s modeled after Christ.

Have you ever thought about how your marriage is modeled after, points to and portrays some magnificent?

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  1. So true! Growing up, I remember our minister preaching sermons on this topic and telling us to keep in mind that the love of husband and wife was one of the closest parallels on this imperfect earth for the love of God and church. Now that I am married, thinking about that almost takes me breath away at times.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I'm going to print this out & add it to the Mrs. notebook I'm making!