Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Launching Pad for the Gospel {to our Neighbors}

Don't Waste your Homemaking is such a passion inside of me. One way I seek to not waste my homemaking is to view my home as a launching pad for the Gospel. This has so many angles to it but, I want to draw many of them out briefly so that you might catch the same vision for your homes. photo via
The Gospel is for everyone, no exceptions. Unbeliever or believer. The Gospel is the message that will bring a person who is utterly dead spiritually into a new birth. It contains the message that will encourage, strengthen, challenge, restore and give hope to the person who is already Treasuring Christ. Because the Gospel is desperately needed to help both the unbeliever gain sight to see Christ and come to supremely treasure Jesus and to preserve the believer it's important that we seek out these opportunities.

This week I want to focus on using our home to minister the Gospel to our neighbors. Do you know your neighbors? It's so easy in our American culture to come home drive in our garages and never even approach or see the people living right beside us. If you don't know your neighbors {even if you've lived in your home for years} get to know them. photo via

Be available and accessible. If you come home and you see a neighbor sitting on his front porch go and talk to them and begin a relationship. Figure out their interests, be observant, see if they have a fishing boat or if they have kids and strike up a conversation.

When a new family moves into your neighborhood plan to help them and soon after they settle in be intentional on bringing them a meal or some sort of dessert. If you are the new family be intentional with your new status to create relationships. Make up a bunch of breads, decoratethem and take them to your neighbors and introduce yourselves. In tomorrow's post I will share with you the bread my family and I took over to a few neighbors when we moved in.

What are ways you are intentional in making your home a launching pad for the Gospel?

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  1. We try to be welcoming and encouraging by taking over baked goods (as you suggested) and being friendly. We check in with our elderly neighbor frequently to make sure she's okay. Anytime we take a baked good somewhere, I always include a little card with a Scripture on it too! :)

  2. Thank you for this post! I need to be more intentional in getting to know (and love) my neighbors. All for His glory!

  3. I love this post. We're hoping to make our home a gathering place for our friends and kind's friends. I definitely need the encouragement to reach out to my neighbors though. Wouldn't it be great to always bake 2 of something- 1 for you and one to share.
    I found you on Moms Crazy Cooking Blog Hop Party. I'll be watching for your next party. I really like your blog and look forward to reading what you have to say. This is totally up my alley!