Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frame Earring Holder Tutorial

Do you have tons of earrings and not a pretty way to store them? I found an amazing earring holder tutorial that I wanted to share with you from Jessica who blogs at O. Aloutte!

Jessica is a southern newlywed who enjoys crafting, decorating and a nice hot cup of tea. I absolutely love a good bargain and creating things affordably. {I think we would be crafting and bargain buddies if we lived closer!}

On yet another junk store trip I found this picture for $4. I snatched it up because it was so big (21" x 25" - is that a weird size?) and I knew it would be perfect for all my earrings.

I pried the picture out and took off the weird burlap-ish border.

After sanding the frame down, I primed it and spray painted it with Krylon Ballet Slipper.

The result was a little too cutesy pink so I used the same "faux glazing" technique I did here using black acrylic paint.

I got a roll of aluminum screening at Ace Hardware and cut it to size. Regular scissors actually worked fine for this. Then I stapled it down with a staple gun.

And here is the final project hanging on my bedroom wall.

Pretty easy and I'm really pleased with how many earrings it holds!

Please leave Jessica some comment love on her blog for sharing this amazing tutorial with us!

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  1. i was just browsing jewelry holders yesterday on Etsy... when i saw a bunch of these picture frame with the screens in it - earring holders, and i decided - hey, i think i'll just make it myself...

    nice to see your tutorial here today to help me along :)

  2. Thanks so much again for the feature! And we would definitely be bargain buddies :)