Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Writing for DWYH

I've been praying and wrestling with a decision about this blog for a while now and finally seem to have answers. I'm wanting to add a few contributors to Don't Waste your Homemaking. I enjoy writing a post basically everyday but, I've found areas this blog is lacking and honestly, I'm not the best to write in some of these areas! So.... I'm going to be opening my blog up to potential contributors. If your interested in any of the topics listed above give me an e-mail and share your thoughts with me!

Although I love organization I'm not the best at it and therefore don't have much to share on this topic. If your heart beats when you organize something or if have tons of ideas to share about how to make our homes a bit more tidy in a chaotic world shoot me an e-mail! photo via

Healthy Living.
Living healthy via exercise and healthy food is another element I would like to add to my blog and I know there are alot of ladies out there which have tons of knowledge in this area.photo via

A skill that I haven't mastered {or even know the first thing about} is sewing. I love sewing tutorials and would love to bring someone on the DWYH who could share sewing projects and give sewing tips for gals like me who would like to start sewing. photo via

Flowers and vegetables can be such a blessing but it's something most people don't know a lot about. If you harvest veggies or have flowers to pick in your yard and want to regularly contribute I would love to hear from ya! photo via

Recipes, cooking tips, menu plans or anything in between is a needed element around here and would love for some contributors to share some delish goodness! photo via

If you would be interested in contributing any of the above topics or devotional thoughts, book reviews, party ideas or anything else your passionate about please share your thoughts with me at dwyhomemaking@ymail.com ! {You wouldn't be contributing weekly, every other week maximum and this could include posts you have already posted on your own site. If you don't have blog and would be interested in contributing please contact me as well!}
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