Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Etiquette

Summer is here! I wouldn't say summer is my favorite season because honestly, I enjoy every season but, I always enjoy when the seasons switch over. Even though it's unofficially summer in KY it is too hot not to be labeled as the summer. The kids are out of school {this is first week off due to so many snow days}, it's extremely hot and humid and we've had our first day at the pool!

If you live where it's hot then I'm sure the pool is a way you and your kids like to spend some of your summertime. However, I'm guessing everyone of us do not have a refreshing pool in our backyards, so what's a family to do? Go visit family or friends with pools of course! I have a few close family members who have pools that often invite us over and I'm so grateful. I thought today we could share with each other a few summer etiquettes for pools that your family practices. Here are a few of mine!

1. Always try to schedule a time, preferably a week before. I know this all depends on who it is, if it's your parents it may be a little different etc. but, try to plan instead of just coming over unannounced. {photo via}

2. Bring your own sunblock. Sunblock isn't cheap and you shouldn't expect your host to provide it. Make sure and check your sunblock prior to leaving the house to make sure you have enough for your entire family for as long as you will be swimming.

3. Bring your own accessories. This might include pool noodles, floats to lay out on, beach balls or goggles for your kids. If you are going to a pool where another kid might be as well consider purchasing a cheap toy to bring for sharing their pool. {photo via}

4. Pack a full lunch and several snacks for your family. This will save you money on having to run and grab fast food and will not put pressure on your host to provide meals each time you come. Remember to bring several snacks because swimming makes everyone hungry! Another great tip is to pack a bottle of water with lots of ice for each family member to have during their swim.

What are some rules of thumb or etiquettes you go by when swimming at friend's/family's pool?
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  1. Marci - This is great! I'm guessing you all moved in now, right? Well, we are truly blessed with many wonderful pools around us. I have been doing a "Backyard Thursdays" in my backyard each week of the summer for the last four years. Here is a post I did last year about it:

    We have been fortunate to have several other families at church do something similar but with their pools on a specific day each week. It's really wonderful!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Becky, we have moved and 'almost' settled! Your 'Backyard Thursdays' are amazing, thanks for sharing your link. This is an excellent ministry :)!

  3. I just found your blog through another, and I am so glad that I did! Love it!!!

  4. I just came across your blog, it is wonderful! I love the whole idea of "don't waste your homemaking" it is truly inspired. Praise the Lord that there are still wives and moms who see the importance of their work! Keep up the good work!

  5. These are great tips. I need to print them and spread them around to my family and friends....especially the one about bringing your own sunblock.

  6. great tips. thanks for sharing. the dollar store is a great spot for fun pool toys.

  7. Thank you!!! We are the family with the pool. And I gotta say, unannounced or staying for dinner are my pet peeves! Unless, of course, I extend an invitation. And PLEASE bring your OWN towels! I don't want to have to do extra laundry because you popped in.