Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Organizing Kid's Room {part 1}

Has anyone noticed how I have a lovely tab at the top of this blog labeled 'organizing' yet there aren't many posts? Truth is I enjoy organization but, I'm a work in progress when it comes to this area of homemaking. Although I don't have a lot of organizing posts I want to expose you some excellent bloggers who have some rocking organizing ideas.

Meet Alana who shares her organizing tips at Taylor Made Home. Alana is a wife, mother of one, and lover of all things home. She thrives on organizing and believes that learning this skill can improve ALL areas of your life. Although her blog started out as just a creative outlet, it is quickly becoming her passion as it allows her to help women effectively manage their busy lives. She will be sharing with you part 1 of organizing kid's rooms {look for part 2 next week}.



We all had one when we were growing up but they are not the best organizing solution for toys (especially ones with small parts). Think about it: when a child goes to look for the toy that he/she wants to play with, which also happens to be at the bottom of the toy box, what happens? The contents of the entire box are dumped out. Instead, use several smaller containers to categorize the toys. This way it’s easier to find what they are looking for and it also makes clean up a breeze too!


You’re probably getting tired of everyone telling you that labeling is the magic cure to all of your organizing woes. However, because it’s true, it’s worth repeating! Just a second ago, I told you that smaller containers were better than one large box because toys would be easier to find and easier to clean up. Labeling takes that tip one step further by making sure your kids’ can see at-a-glance what their playtime options are and they’ll know exactly where to put those Barbie clothes or Hot Wheels cars when it’s time to clean up.


Sometimes as adults, we forget that this world is a big place to our kids. When it comes to organizing their toys, and all other belongings, you want to make sure that your children can easily get to it all. Think about something you use on a daily basis. Cell phone? Your favorite pot for cooking? Got your item in mind? Now pretend that you have to climb a ladder each time you wanted to retrieve that item. Wouldn’t that get old? It would be so frustrating. It’s no wonder our kids don’t put things back where they go. They can’t reach the shelf! When you are looking for kids’ storage, make sure your children can reach at least most of the shelves or cubbies. You will make it easier for them to put things back in their proper place, thus relieving stress for you as well. Everyone wins!


Too many toys can cause a child to become over stimulated. This is why they’ll have a room full of toys but say that they are “bored”. One way to deal with this is to take about half of their toys and store them elsewhere for a couple of months. When the allotted time has passed, reintroduce those toys and store the other half. (Of course, you won’t want to store away your child’s absolute favorite toys). As you rotate the toys in and out of circulation, take note of those that the children have zero interest in and donate them.


Have you ever tried to get your kids to help you sort through their toys, choosing what to keep, toss, and donate? This can be a difficult task because children are often so attached to their stuff that they refuse to let anything leave their bedroom/playroom. However, one way you might be able to get more cooperation from your child (and your child SHOULD help if they are old enough), is to purge the week before his/her birthday and/or right before Christmas. These times are often less challenging because they know that new toys are on the way. Even without the promise of new toys though, it’s good that a child learns how to give to those less fortunate.

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  1. I do this and it WORKS!!! If you are trying to have a clean house this is one of the MUST DO's to keep things organized. Great post!!

  2. i like to go through the toys and donate on a regular basis, too - especially at birthdays and holidays when they get new ones...

    but the best thing to do is keep them out of the bedroom or at least keep them to a minimal in that room and put the rest in another room b/c then they don't like to go to sleep sometimes and you catch them in bed reading, playing etc.

  3. So nice idea. This is the easy way to keep clean the kids room.

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