Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning through Trials

As we continue to battle in the courts for the legal right to adopt our kids we have reached a big road block. A court hearing this week, which was supposed to pass with flying colors, has been reset for two more months and with implications of a now possibility of the adoption falling through.
To say I've been upset would not do justice to what has been going on this previous week. To be candid I would say that for two entire days I wept and at times so hard I was unable to breathe.

I debated to share all of this with my readers because it's so difficult to open up to the reality of what's been going on but, I feel I must.
The flip side to the trials that my family has been experiencing this past week is that God has shown Himself more to me. I would consider this the most difficult trial I've yet to take on during my twenty-three years of life.

I've been learning many things through this trial and here are just a few {undetailed}.
I'm self-relient
I try to control situations and when they don't go the way I want them to go I'm devastated.
I think I have everything figured out. When things don't go the way I 'figure they should go' I'm confused.
I easily loose perspective. When trials swirl around me I'm faced with the ultimate reality that this life isn't just as it seems. Behind every situation, a Sovereign God is working for my good.

I'm in need to be weaned from my faith/trust/hope/security in anything other than Christ.

What things have you learned through trials and sufferings?

*If your new to my blog you can read a few posts about our adoption journey.*

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  1. Hmmmm....where to begin? I'm further along the way in life than you are, but trials still come and I still have to fix my eyes on the Lord daily. In my case, I've been battling fixing my eyes on the security of a job rather than the Lord. I can tell you from where I sit that it's worth it to trust Him. He is faithful to take care of His own.

  2. 1st, know that you are in my prayers.
    As for trial... my husband almost died in a skydiving accident 6 years ago and the verse God gave me then - in the hospital by simply dropping open the bible on the waiting room table was "A time to be born and a time to die." That sums alot up huh. ;) Thankfully it was his time to live. But I had to learn that God was in control- I pray for His will to be done daily. He has perfect timing and anything I want will never be as good as what He wants for me. My husband has a mild brain injury and that makes some days a challenge. But I lean on God and he is faithful. Just keep reminding your self that Gos will bring all things together for your good. I try and remind myself that if things go how I want them then I may miss something God had for me or maybe someone else will be blessed by seeing me endure and trust in Him.
    Hang in there, I'm praying God gives you peace and rest.
    Machele Cave

  3. I just watched a Beth Moore video series on YouTube called, "God's Purpose For You." She says that everything that happens has been thought through by God and contributes to the purpose He has for you in this life. She also says that without pain and trials and suffering our lives would be meaningless because through our pain we can minister to others which is a part of the purpose God has for us. I would highly recommend watching it. I'm sorry that your going through such a difficult time.

  4. Keep heart. I am new to your blog, but as I myself and my three younger siblings were all adopted I know the pains and struggles it takes to adopt. It took my adopted parents 2 years to bring all my sisters back together and then to adopt us. Don't give up God Always has a plan, though it may not be yours. I praying for you and your family. God bless and good luck.

    -My Beauty-full-life (Victoria)

  5. Marcie,
    I have to say you are very mature and wise for your age, no doubt a reflection of your devotion and faith. I hope your next court date goes smoothly, and that your kids can continue to live in your loving home.

  6. Please keep praying and realizing that none of this takes God by surprise. It sounds trite when you are in the midst of the turmoil, but it's true. He has a plan and we don't always see it with our limited vision of how things "should" be. You and your precious family will be in our hearts and prayers.

  7. Ladies, thanks so much for all your thoughtful and encouraging comments, they mean so much to me during this difficult time.

  8. I want to encourage you in this. As an adoptee who is currently in the same process of adopting, I realize that every day is sometimes a new battle. The hope I have, though, lies in my child's eyes...the unbridled love he has for me, the sweetness of his snuggles, and the pure joy in his laughter. I will add you to my adoption prayer list. May God give you the desires of your heart...and may you continue to be reliant on the only One who holds the stars and us in His very hands...