Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Capable of the Same

How many times have you heard of a horrible story of a Christian who has lost everything because of a moral failure such as adultery?
I have often heard of these stories. What's your response? Is it common for you to puff yourself up and say, "How in the world could they do that?" Often we are guilty of puffing ourselves up when we see others around us crashing, but do you want to know the reality, even if you don't see it?

We are all sinners and all capable of the 'worst failures' that exist. When we see others flaws either 'big' or 'small' in our minds may we gently hear the Spirit saying, "This could be you. Hear and be warned." {Tempted and Tried pg. 187}.

May we not allow Satan to feed off our pride and whisper to us that we are better than that. May we not listen to the death giving lies that will tell us we don't struggle with 'big issues' and that our struggle to be kind to our children or our fight against gossip isn't nearly as deadly or harmful as a public scandal or adulterous situation.

Dr. Moore points out in Tempted and Tried we should approach each story of failure we hear with warned empathy. "You could be any one of these situations. Feel the horror that comes with each one of them." {page 187}

Next time we hear that story or see that flaw in someone may we not only examine ourselves to see if we are on our way towards the very end destruction but, may we also ask the Lord to grant us grace and to help us if and when we are tempted in the same way.

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  1. "May we not allow Satan to feed off our pride and whisper to us that we are better than that."

    Exactly. How easily I forget how great a sinner I am...

  2. I had a college prof that used to say over and over, "Any man is capable of any sin under the right conditions". That's stuck with me all these years. Thank you for your wise post.