Wednesday, May 18, 2011


What truth that we as Americans are often so blind to? Christ has called us to live radical lives. Lives that are willing to give everything up for Christ. Followers who truly treasure Christ more than anything else. We are plan A and there is no plan B. I have read parts of Radical {my book was ruined in a boating accident} and was deeply challenged. What are your thoughts on the book or this small clip? Pin It Now!


  1. i've never read the book, not even ever heard of it. but this video was provocative to me in that it does get you to stop and think for a moment.

    i have oftened wandered why Christians aren't more peculiar - as we are supposed to be.

    i think i am different from the average Christian-American... i don't have cable tv in my home - and i think it's difficult to do... but it's possible - and in this small way I can make sure my kids are not influences to easily by all that junk out there.

    I think living in America must be pretty difficult. I just got back from a trip to the U.S. It was wonderful to be there and see family and friends and to eat out (oh yum) but i can see the influence that capitalism has on Americans - everyone with their big cars and all those payday loan places and all those big strip malls everywhere you look - you just don't see that in other countries... and i think living the American dream means getting in debt... and how can you help the world - the poor people of the earth when you can't control you own spendings?

    it's sad, but i'd have to say that if I lived in the U.S. i'd probably be driving a big car, be in debt and be overweight... (oh, i'm still overweight...doh!)

  2. I loved "Radical!" It was the last book I read in 2010, and it really challenged me to live my life on fire for Jesus. :)