Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving Day

The official 'move day' has arrived at my house. For the next few weeks I might seem MIA because I most definitely will be in the 'blog world.' There will be regular posts for a next two weeks from me and from some amazing bloggers who will share some amazing tutorials or some challenging devotional thoughts. After two weeks I hope to have internet access but, there will be no guarantee.

Please pray for my family during this transition, as we are purchasing our first home, transitioning to new schools, and as my husband begins his role as becomes a Lead Pastor. We are truly excited for all the things the Lord has called us to and the new relationships that will be formed as we transition into this new ministry.

{Although new posts will be up on the website it will not be posted on facebook or twitter, so check back on the site for new posts.}
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  1. May God Bless you in your move to a new house, and your new adventures in ministry. May your borders be enlarged to encompass many who need our savior. May you both be anointed to fulfill your portion of this new endeavor!