Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christ and His Church

Christ and His Church

Christ is

Head {of the church}

Cornerstone {of the church}

Savior {of the church}
Sanctifier {of the church}

As my husband has transitioned into a lead pastor role over the past few weeks I've been reflecting more on the Church. The church is not the popularized building that Christians go to meet at, but, the believers themselves. The church is collectively worldwide but also exist in small numbers spread out and congregate in specific areas {local body of believers}.

As the Church we have such a great calling because we are the redeemed, we were purchased with Christ' blood, therefore we are His church. I found a simple table/chart in the ESV Study Bible this past week which explains the relationship between Christ and His Church. This is only an excerpt from it but, it's so important to remember our relationship with Christ.
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