Saturday, April 2, 2011

Your Thoughts on Easter?

I'm starting a series on Preparing for Easter and want to know your opinions about Easter. I know this is going to be controversial but, I would really like for you to respond one way or another. Please either comment or e-mail me your opinions!

Do you decorate with eggs and bunnies around easter time?
Does your family participate in easter egg hunts?
Does your family embrace the Easter bunny?
Why or Why not?
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  1. Good questions! I haven't ever decorated in any manner for Easter, but last year I did set up an Easter egg hunt for my sons to celebrate the end of Lent, and we will probably do that again -- even though our eggs are empty! Both my husband and I grew up with the Easter bunny and will pass that along to our kids, but not in excess. Hubby is atheist while I'm a Christian. For him, it's just a holiday tradition to celebrate the kids, while I use the Easter bunny as a tool to capture the kids' interest in learning about the real Easter.

  2. I'll tell you what. This is something I feel strongly about one way, and my husband feels strongly another way. So we try (and that is a stretched word) to meet 1/2way on it.

    I do think we could do eggs. We decorate them as a family, and the older he gets, the more he will love that. I do like Easter Egg Hunts, though I don't let my sweet boy have much sugar, so we put trinkets, coins, etc in his. We do not travel around to every community Easter egg hunt...because I don't want that to be the focus. I'm just not big on the Easter Bunny. It doesn't hurt anything, but it doesn't promote anything that truly depicts Easter, the resurrection of our Savior. we are...meeting in the middle. We do a "modest" Easter Basket (with trinkets, a new outfit, eggs, and mostly toys bought at the previous post-Easter sales), go to church for several hours, have a Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard with the pup, and then spend the rest of the day as a family and with extended family. A little of both, I guess, though I wish it could all be about Jesus {I tend to be an extreme personality, though.}

  3. We do it all...Easter Egg hunt...candy...decorating eggs...Good Friday...Resurrection focus...but the Ultimate Message we try to send is: Overwhelming gratitude for Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

    I've never felt that the silly side detracted from the rest if we made the overall focus Christ and His sacrificial death, burial and resurrection. We never communicate anything about the "Easter Bunny" being real or anything (because we don't want the confusion about when or if we are telling them truth vs. myth), but we just take the perspective that it's a special time to celebrate and share in the resurrection joy as a family (which for little guys--often include jelly beans :)

    If at some point that changes--then we'll make a change. But it hasn't been a battle (or personal conviction) we've felt the Holy Spirit asking us to remove (up to this point).

    Though I have no problem with others who do feel that conviction.

    We also give presents at Christmas...

  4. I hardly decorate for any holiday...but since I started my blog I have actually started to. I love Easter decor because it's so full of color and life. My family always decorates eggs (check my blog for DIY vibrant dyes), we usually have our own egg hunt, and we always enjoy an Easter dinner and a basket full of goodies.

  5. Well, since Easter is all about Christ's Resurrection....I most definitely celebrate that, and that alone! We don't do anything with bunnies - kids don't celebrate Easter bunny. We probably should have more "cross" and "He is Risen" decor, but I have none right now. He is Risen....He is Risen Indeed!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  6. Growing up my mom and dad always did Easter baskets with candy, and we always had an Easter egg hunt and decorated Easter eggs. I always had lots of fun doing these things, however, my mom and dad always made sure I knew Easter was about Jesus first and foremost. I plan on doing the same with my children some day.

  7. No - once we discovered the origin of Easter - we really knew that we had to stop celebrating it. So the day will pass as every other day. No bunnies, no eggs, nothing pagan.

    Nice to see your blog. I popped over via the blog party. :o)

  8. When our girls were younger, we did Easter Egg hunts. I still give them chocolate bunnies...I like chocolate bunnies!! It's exciting to see how they've grown over the years. We've kept the main focus on the empty tomb. We've always talked about the true meaning and made sure that they are in church, etc. This year there happens to be a baptism service on Easter and the girls are really excited to celebrate the way God can change a life for His glory.


  9. We don't decorate with eggs and bunnies. I'm not much of a decorater though. We're a new family and still acquiring all the "stuff" for holidays. If I were to have my dream budget, though, I would still stick to the eggs and pastel colors only. The bunnies just aren't my thing. We do Easter egg hunts. We have kids and they love that! We don't really drive home the Easter bunny. Our kids know we got them the gifts they receive and there's usually not much talk of the Easter bunny, even from school or friends. We are Christians and we make sure to emphasize what Easter is all about. However, we still do the egg-dying and Easter hunts. That's just our style. Same goes for Christmas, we celebrate the reason for the season, but jump at the opportunity for train rides, light shows, Santa laps, and gift giving.

  10. Before I write this, I am putting this disclaimer at the top: You are entitled to whatever you want to believe, practice and observe. I respect the gift of freewill that the Creator has bestowed on each of us.

    Ok, with that said, we (our family) no longer celebrate Easter or Christmas. Our family takes the Bible literally...very seriously. Nowhere are we commanded to celebrate anything outside of the Sabbath (Shabbat), the New Moons, or the appointed Feast Days as commanded by the Lord through Moses in both Exodus and Leviticus. Both Easter (see this link: and Christmas have pagan origins and our family is staying as far away from that as we possibly can. We are however going to observe Passover.

    Yes, we understand that Yeshua came to fulfill the sacrifices of the feasts, so no, we do not make animal sacrifice. But we do believe wholeheartedly in learning the mannerisms and customs of our Bridegroom. Conforming to His ways and the ways of the Word instead of trying to conform the King of Kings and Creator of the Universe to false or silly ideas in Western Culture.

    Whew...that was alot to write for a comment post. I do apologize if this steps on anyone's toes, but I hope you also will respect our beliefs as we believe you are free to chose your path as well.

  11. My children always had Easter hat parades in school and they would do Easter baskets etc. We usually celebrate Easter with the extended family and there have been times that they have organised an Easter Egg Hunt. We don't purposely decorate with these things, but young children always love the candy! As they get older though, we have impressed the true meaning of Easter and they absolutely love going to the Easter Tridium ( Masses from Holy Thursday to Glorious Saturday) The Easter Vigil mass on Glorious Saturday night brings on goosebumps every year.. its that wonderful! Even my four year old looks forward to ringing the life out of our little bell (she even broke one last year! lol!)

    So, in closing, its difficult to keep the other stuff out of their lives (just like Santa Claus) they're exposed to it.. especially if they go to school outside of the home. (Its similar to the Halloween issue.. a whole other pandora's box!) I think its our duty though to make sure they have full knowledge of what the real reason is behind each season and to give precedence to that!

    Love & Blessings

  12. I only really decorate for Christmas when it comes to holiday seasons, but that's mostly because I'm a) Lazy and b) not gifted in the 'make things pretty' department. So, no. I don't decorate for easter. But it doesn't bother me if people do the eggs/bunnies etc because Easter to me is about new life (from Jesus, and new life as seen in spring).
    As for my kids. They get a new easter dress to wear to church and then easter baskets (they're still little, under 3, so it's a couple of toys/books and 1 or 2 treats (one being a chocolate bunny -well for the 3 year old, not the baby-, I loved those as a kid). I don't tell them its from the easter bunny as, like a previous poster, I don't want them to ever think something i'm telling them is a myth or a lie. As for the egg hunts, I think they're fun. As a kid we didn't do them every year, but when we did it was fun. My mom would mix it up and some years she did it more like a clue-to-clue hunt and each of the clues told the story of Easter. Other times, the stuff inside the eggs, though still fun treats, all tied into the story of easter.
    For breakfast we always made Resurrection Buns (marshmallows, dipped in butter, rolled in cinnamon/sugar and wrapped in jumbo crescent roll dough (seal it tight!), popped into a greased muffin tin and baked. The marshmallow (Jesus) melts leaving an empty "tomb" and a yummy breakfast!
    I don't see anything wrong with celebrating the fun side of Easter (after all, it is a celebration!) as long as the true meaning of easter is also celebrated and emphasized.

  13. Just found your precious blog through the UBP!!! Lovin' it! I am doing a series on Easter for Christians right now over at

    My own personal view is that it's all about balance. I think there is no harm done in celebrating the season with bunnies and eggs and baskets, as long as the over-arching theme is the Savior's glorious work on the cross and victory at the empty tomb.

    There are so many fun ways you can incorporate His truths into your activities - for example, I offer a printable Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt that leads your Happy Buddies to their baskets but ends with a focus on the joy of Christ's resurrection. I hope you'll check it out! Tomorrow I will be posting on cute Easter Party Favor Empty Egg Pails - a reminder of the empty tomb. Plus, I love the mention above about Resurrection Rolls! That is an AWESOME visual/hands-on activity for kids to experience Jesus' victory over death.

    Most important, recognize that everyone does things differently. Everyone has their own convictions. As believers, we must never judge another woman for how she celebrates a holiday in her Happy Home. Do everything you can to lead a quiet life, be obedient to Him, and bring glory to His name in your family - that's what it's all about! :-)

    I appreciate you taking the time to challenge us to think about this!

  14. I love easter decoration (my post about it will be on this Thursday at and we go to one easter egg hunt with the children. Other than that we celebrate Jesus and the true meaning of Easter. On Easter-Sunday there will be church-service and then we have a big Easter brunch with the family and the children are allowed to look out for just one little present each (like books) and some sweets in the garden (if it is warm enough and not raining that is).

  15. Growing up, we did do Easter baskets, but the emphasis of the day was always on Jesus and the true Easter gift. We spent most of the ay with extended family, but church was always the most important part.