Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preparing our Children for Easter

Preparing ourselves is vitally important, but so is preparing our little ones for Easter. Children learn through some of the ways adults do. Just as I prepare myself for the death of my beloved Savior through books I also try to prepare my little ones for the Death and Resurrection through age appropriate books. Here are a few books that I recommend. Noel Piper has several books she recommends for our little children. What books do you suggest to prepare our children for Easter?

The Jesus Storybook Bible
by Sally Lloyd-Jones
$9.33 purchased via Westminister Bookstore

Big Thoughts for little Thinkers : The Gospel
By Joel Allen
$5.49 purchased via CBD

The Missing Sheep
by Carine MacKenzie

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  1. cool. We just read out of the bible and talk about it and bring it to their level. but these resources may be a little bit more fun for my 3 yr old. Best!

  2. A great one that we love is "The legend of the Easter Egg" is a sweet story all about God's goodness :)

  3. This is my favorite Easter book for kids...

    It's sweet (totally rhyming) and simple and full of the true Easter message! :-)

  4. I love The Easter Storybook bible. My oldest first heard this when he was 6 and listened to it all the way through...twice...then wanted to take the Storybook Bible that came with it to church to read there (at our church Children his age stay in the service with us). It's such a wonderful presentation of the Bible, with a focus that ties all the stories together with the theme of redemption. The speaker does such a wonderful job reading it, too.