Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is here and I thought I would share some simple ways I will try to make today special for my kids! I found several of these tips from Feels like Home. Along with sharing the true story of St. Patrick I like to do 'green' things to remind them that today we honor God for His goodness in working through St. Patrick many years ago and pray that God would be known throughout beautiful Ireland today.

Celtic Music {via Pandora} will be playing throughout my home today. Honestly, this isn't something special for today, I usually play Celtic Music because it's so beautiful!

Green Milk.
I snuck into the kitchen this morning and
added some green food color to the
milk before placing the cereal in it!
Big Boy {age 6} didn't think it was that
cool {he doesn't like eating breakfast and I made him at least have one bite this morning} Little Girl LOVE IT!

Green Food. For their lunches/snacks I packed 'green' foods such as green jello and put food coloring in their water bottles! For dinner we will be having broccoli/salad for sides and I plan to make a green 3 leaf clover cake.

Green Bath.Tonight the kids might take a green bath. No, I don't have a green bathtub and my
kids aren't this small but I might add a few drops of food coloring to their water.

3 Leaf Clover.
At dinner time I plan to display 3 leaf clovers and explain
{again} how St. Patrick used this to explain the Trinity.

Check out Feels like Home, she has 10 ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Preschooler!
What ways to you celebrate this day? How do you teach your kids about the 'real' St.Patrick?

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  1. Believe it or not I learned today why we celebrate St. Patrick's day. I was never taught why we celebrate it and one of the books I took out from the library explained it. It's a wonderful story!

    This year I didn't do much except read books to my son before school and I bought him a green St. Patrick's Day shirt.

    Next year I will be homeschooling so I might make a bigger deal out of it. I was thinking of hiding gold coins around the house and having my boys look for them and put them in a black pot like you would an easter basket. I'll probably have to look around Halloween time for a Witch's pot thing lol. Do many "green" things like you suggested.

  2. All of these ideas were wonderful. I even liked "Coffee and a Mop"'s idea of searching for gold coins with a black pot. I too will be starting to homeschool soon and want to collect ideas THIS year for next year's schooling. :)

  3. I love the idea of listening to Pandora. I wish I had read this post yesterday! :-)