Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleeping Tips

In this vlog I share some reasons I think sleep is important and ways to help you if your struggling with sleep. Do you think getting plenty of sleep each night is important? Do you struggle with sleeping? What are some things that help you sleep?

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  1. I watched this in bed! Shame on me!

    I'm thankful I watched it though.

    I find that ear plugs and the Mid Nite help a lot! I am not big on taking pills, but I definitely love the Mid Nite sleep aid. It is true, it's not habit forming, which is a great bonus.

    I usually take the Mid Nite on Saturday nights because Sunday mornings begin real early for me.


    May your sleep be sweet!

  2. I struggle with this! I am a night owl! I've gotten better at it but I still need lots of work! I also tend to lean on the needing 9ish hours of sleep. My body just feels better when I get 9 hours rather than 7 or 8. Thanks for this video!

  3. That was a good input!!! I've never seen sleep from the spiritual view... My problem is most of the time, that I sit to long in front of the computer or I'm thinking to much of things, like our homebuilding plans...
    It helps me lots to drink herbal teas for getting better rest. I drink lime-tree-blossom with camomile and St. John's wort. I found out, that the best for me is to drink one cup of that with dinner and one more max. 30 min before going to bed...

    Hope that helps ;)

  4. Thanks so much for your blog, it's strange to see what you actualy look like :) thanks again!


  5. This is something I have really had to work at to get my sleeping patterns at a healthy place. My hubby likes to stay up at night and I like to stay up with him, but I have realized I just can't. Just the last few months I have gotten really good at regulating my sleep and it has been a great blessing!

  6. This was an awesome vlog...and considering that I am up at 11:22 pm I need all of these good tips. Thanks for sharing:)