Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lecrae interview

Christianity Today just released an interview with Christian Hip-Hop artist Lecrae. Here's a small part of the article.

"What unifies all of these projects that you have your hands in?" {Christianity Today}

"More than anything, a biblical worldview. I'm a person who lives from the lens of Christianity, laying down different aspects of my life to serve who I worship; my music points to whom I worship. My trips overseas point to whom I worship. What I do with my local city points to whom I worship. That's true for everybody—whether it's Jesus or whether it's money, your music is going to point to whom you worship." {Lecrae}

Read the entire interview, it's short and very edifying!

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  1. Love Lecarae! My girls ask for his songs almost every time we get into the car.
    Love your blog!!