Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan's Devastation: Overwhelmed or Indifferent?

What's your reaction been to the devastation Japan has felt this past week? Overwhelmed or indifferent? It's easy to either turn the news off because we feel overwhelmed by the possibility of helping or to also tune out due to having the 'out of sight, out of mind' syndrome. Here are a few things we can do in our homes in order to help Japan.

Make ourselves and our kids aware of the situation. I've found a few videos that have slideshow pictures of the destruction in Japan. These pictures also include faces which my children and I need to see. We need to be struck with the reality that although we will be enjoying a beautiful sunny day in our small Kentucky home, around the globe people have lost everything.

Pray. We can remind our children to pray for the missionaries in Japan that God would give them strength to trust that He is good and He will turn this for their good. Strength also to not be inward focused at such a desperate time but to reach out to others and share
the hope of Christ. Pray for those who have yet to be changed by the Gospel, that they will be moved to self-examination and that Christians will be placed with them to give comfort and love as Christ did.

Give. I know it's scary to give money to help places who have such a vast need, we often wonder if our money will ever reach the places it's supposed to go. We can give to well known christian organizations who can be trusted to not only deliver our money to the biggest needs in Japan but to also share the Gospel. Samaritan's Purse is a Christian mission that I trust.

What ways are you trying to help your family not overlook the needs of Japan?

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  1. Prayer is a biggie! The whole situation upsets me. I try not to watch the news too much because I always put myself in those people's shoes and then I became fearful and upset (not just with Japan but with everyone). But yes prayer is the main thing I'm doing right now. And people need to understand that prayer is HUGE! Don't down play prayer.

  2. Great post. My heart has been aching for those suffering. I was reading my WORLD magazine last night. I read an article which was shedding light on Libya's situation, then I read another article regarding PEPFAR funding. This past week since what has happened to Japan, I have been hungry to keep my eyes open to the reality of the world around us. I am praying for my family and all the other Christians to step up in faith and do something. Let's make an impact on those suffering, with the ultimate goal that they may find hope in Christ!

  3. I know that the earthquake in Haiti, as devastating as it was and still is, has been so good for the missionaries' opportunities to share the gospel with people much more willing to listen. We have distant family that are missionaries there that have a blog and had update after update about all the GOOD that came from it. It caused great revival in the churches and MANY to come to Christ. I pray this happens with the Japanese, as well. I pray that that the missionaries are given the grace to love these people into giving them THE TRUTH and leading many to the Lord.

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun