Monday, March 21, 2011

Articles about Dangers of Facebook

Good can come from facebook. One beneficial factor with facebook for me is that I'm able to keep in touch with family for free. I come from a big family and I live away from my family so it helps me to keep in touch. There are more reasons that facebook is helpful but for me that is the biggest. Along with the 'good' of this social network we have learned many dangers that lure under the surface. I'm read several posts on this very thing so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel I'll just share some helpful links.

Why Facebook (and your church) May Be Making You Sad. Dr. Russell Moore

Spring Cleaning your Facebook Account Courtney from Women Living Well

7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook Lake Hills Community Church

What are you thoughts on facebook? Do you use facebook or not? What are your reason to use or not to use it?
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  1. Thanks for posting! I deleted my Facebook account a couple of months ago because it was just sucking so much time out of my day. I had to stop and asked myself "does this glorify God?" I know Facebook can be used for good, but to me the bad far outweighed the good. I haven't missed it either.

  2. I appreciate this post.

    A few months back, I deactivated my account. I would get on and spend time catching up on what people who were closer to me at one point in time were doing and it would make me depressed! I was hoping that if people knew that I was away, they would track me down and call or write or something.

    Ha! It hasn't changed anything.

    I was actually just thinking on that tonight.

    I deactivated my account so that I could stop throwing the pity parties, and I was throwing one earlier this evening!

    My joy shouldn't be defined by the number of people that contact me or want to keep in touch. Most of them are busy and don't have much time to reconnect. My joy must be set in knowing that Jesus died for me and He loves me. My hope must be set in God.

    Joy transcends happiness and social interaction.

    I may activate my account again. I'm not opposed to FB, it just can't be my source for joy.

  3. I've really struggled with this one, especially since we brought baby G home.

    I have tightened up my security settings alot, but I still question it.

    I check it everyday, but I don't tend to post alot of comments or status updates. Does that make me a passive and nosy Facebooker?!

    I have a ton of family out of state, so it is our main forum of fam pictures and such....

  4. I check it because my whole family is on it. They use it for invitations and announcements and such. I don't enjoy it that much. If I have time to be on the computer I would rather be blogging. I struggle with the security of both. But my family and friends follow and it helps us all keep in touch. The grandparents especially enjoy knowing what is going on and all the pics of the kids.

  5. FB was an absolute waste of my time, but my main contact with my wonderful sister in Dubai. A year ago, I deleted it and began to blog...she has since followed suit & we have not missed it. Is it just me or does it not seem that marriages are under constant attack? In some (big or small) way, I think things like FB are contributing to dissatisfaction and distraction. My life verse is 1 Thess. 4 :11-12 and it says to "make it your ambition to...mind your own business". This speaks volumes to me & helps curtail busybodiness.

  6. I have a facebook account but I don't use it hardly at all anymore. And I was thinking of getting rid of it. They keep changing things without telling you and some of the changes affect your security. I don't like that.

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  7. I gave up FB for Lent, but I'm going to give it up permanently. I'm much happier not looking at it!

  8. I don't have a Facebook account and I can't see that I will ever get one in the future. I love blogging and think that is a great way of meeting people and keeping in touch with friends and family. Thanks for the links-I look forward to reading them.

    Best wishes,