Thursday, March 24, 2011

25 Randomness about me

25 Randomness about me...

1. I love Jesus and I'm seeking a Gospel centered life.
2. I've been married to the hubs for 4 {almost 5} years.
3. The hubs and I are in the process of adopting two children.
4. I have a beagle named 'Minnie.'
5. I always look for a good deal when shopping.
6. I take my coffee with creamer.
7. I can't stand the taste of pop.
8. Since I've been married I've lived away from my fam.
9. ESV Study Bible is my fav.
10. I have one older brother who's given me an awesome sis-n-law.
11. The day after Thanksgiving you can find me at Wal-Mart (at 3a.m.)
12. I rarely text messaging (this would be diff. if my hubs got text messaging).
13. My hubs made me an awesome craft/office in the basement (away from everything).
14. I'm almost always behind in the Laundry.
15. I have tons of cookbooks and love trying new recipes.
16. All of my music is purchased via iTunes.
17. My fav. music is Christian hip-hop (LeCrae, FLame, Trip Lee)
18. I'm a Mac User
19. I have a cricut expression machine I use for most of my crafts.
20. I have a cricut cake I'm learning how to use.
21. My hubs calls me by my middle name, 'Carol.'
22. I enjoy going to bed and breakfasts.
23. I want tons of children.
24. I enjoy reading but, dont make enough time for it.
25. In college I took piano classes but, havent played since :/

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  1. I'm so excited to hear that you and your husband are adopting children. That's awesome! :D

  2. Fun! I like #18. Go Mac!! Last summer I bought my first Mac, and then my hubby had to have an iPhone. Then after Thanksgiving he positively needed a MacBook Pro. Now he has a hankering for a iPad. I think we have a problem!! :)

    I can also relate to #25. That's my exact situation, and I feel so sad when people ask if I can play the piano. Maybe we'll get back to it someday. :)

  3. I've never been to a bed & breakfast? Sad, isn't it? Sheesh, we haven't been away from the kid(s) in over 2 years.

    When life slows down, there are tons of things I want to see and do ( going to a B&B is one) !