Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts on Food: Food Diary

I have battled hypoglycemia for 8 years. For 6 of those years I could never get a grip on my sugar levels, due to the plain simple fact... I didn't know how to eat correctly. I would eat whatever I wanted and when my sugar levels dropped I would eat something sweet {candy bar, juice etc} to bring it up.

Two years ago I was completely fed up and was able to meet with someone who used to have hypoglycemia. She poured wisdom into me that helped me gain an understanding of why it’s important to eat a certain way to maintain those sugar levels! Eating this particular way had caused her hypoglycemia to stop, so I began this journey of eating very strict with the same goal in mind… NO MORE HYPOGLYCEMIA!

However, after two years I have found that I have not been 'cured' of such but, am able to completely control it as long as I eat 'healthy'. Since eating this way I have had SO much more energy. I used to get tired so easily and felt exhausted all day.

The way I began eating two years ago is simple, it's not hard, it's something probably everyone is doing but really it's just choosing foods that will help instead of hurt. I love this quote by Benjamin Franklin, "One should eat to live, not live to eat.”

At the end of the day whether we have a Big Mac and Fries or a Chicken Salad the same result is that we were fed. With one choice I have given my body food that will give me energy and will give me nutrients, the other not so much.

This doesn't mean that I don't eat sweets, I eat low-sugar sweets and I occasionally have a Diet Soda.

So, just in case you’re interested, here's what I eat:

2 Scrambled eggs or 2 Turkey Patties
1 piece Toasted Whole Grain Bread

Snacks {every 2 hours}
Fruit/Veggies & Cheese
Fruits- Grapes, Oranges, Strawberries, 1/2 Banana, Apples
Veggies & Cheese
Veggies- Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, Broccoli

Sandwich and Side
Sandwich- Tuna Salad on Wheat Bread, Turkey/Cheese/lettuce in Wheat Pita, Turkey sandwich, Chicken Salad

Just about anything as long as the sides have carbs which are whole grains. All noodles whole grain, whole grain rolls etc.

Sugar-free Brownies, Sugar-free ice-cream

What are some ways that you choose to live healthy? Have you noticed a difference in the way you used to feel and the way you physically feel now, {if you’ve changed your eating habits}?
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  1. I battle with diabetes. It started with my second pregnancy, and all of them since then as well.

    Because I had so many consecutive diabetic pregnancies, it became more and more difficult for me to get rid of the diabetes when my babies were born. Now, it hasn't truly gone away.

    However, I also try to eat a diet very similar to the one you posted here. And it really does keep my blood sugars regulated!

    I just wanted to offer some encouragement for those women who are on the "other" side of hypoglycemia. We don't have to be afraid of fruit! Eating this way really does work!

    Thanks for your post! :o)

  2. I've been trying to eat more "whole" foods. My body has changed in the past few years and I can't eat some of the foods I used to. I am trying to reduce and eliminate refined sugars. I can't do any artificial sweeteners because it hurts my digestive system. My body is sensitive to when I don't eat healthy; I feel bad (thirsty, bloated, gassy) if I eat wrong. I have been exercising pretty regularly for a while now, and that has helped me in keeping weight off and maintaining strength.

  3. When I was around 25 {15 years ago}, I suddenly developed lactose intolerance....uggh! That was and still is hard for me, but it's a HUGE obstacle if I am not careful. I have to be very careful because many foods contain dairy that you would never expect! Then, I'm bloated, and have a whole bunch of other yucky problems :( I also write down just about everything I eat - using and it's free and a way to keep myself accountable for what I'm eating!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun