Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marriage Challenge #3

We're up to Week 3 on the Marriage Challenge {Praising our Men}. If you’re wondering what is up with this challenge you can read last weeks challenge and intro.

This week the challenge is to "pursue intimacy and place the intimate needs of your spouse above your own. Seek to kiss him like you mean it every single day this week!" Paula Rinehart explains how many men see sex like a silent cheer. This means that our men feel more respected, more capable and stronger when we respond to their advances with a smile. We are also supposed to give a foot massage, back rub, and shower together etc. anything creative!

Okay, all of the above were Courtney's words {who is heading up this challenge}, my words are... I'm going to do what she says! I totally agree with her in the secret area of intimacy. My husband just started back classes today and it was a long day for him so when he came home I had him take off his socks and I rubbed his feet. Past that I do not feel I need to share on the internet {lol}. Ladies, we all know this area is important for the durability of our marriage, it unites us and bonds us in a way that nothing else can. Your husbands is the only person on the planet you can be this intimate with, you share something that will bond you for life.

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  1. Seems we think alike (not wanting to share details "past that" on the internet :) Glad your sticking with this as well!!

  2. Visiting from Courtney's link up. AMEN to your post!! :)

    Your blog design is GREAT! I love the lady and all the special touches!


  3. Oh, if every woman realized HOW important this area was! I can't preach this to enough Christian ladies because it is like a person who has enough to eat - when you're "full" you have no reason to go looking for other food to eat, you're satisfied. We can do our part to glorify God by satisfying our husbands so they have no interest in ever even having the temptation to "eat" elsewhere with their eyes or minds. {Trying to keep it very clean}.

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. It's Grace, thanks for the compliment I can't take any credit lol! I two amazing blog designers!

  5. Becky, I totally agree :)! I just listed to a sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll who said practically the same thing and I'm hoping to blog about it soon!

    Thanks for your additional comments they are very helpful!