Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make War

This video sends such a shockwave through my soul.
I am overly guilty of complaining and harboring self-pity because of my sin. I waller in my lack of self-control and undisciplined lifestyle, I do not however fix my eyes on Christ, nor do I fight back against my sins. I am a captive to whatever I want to do and trust me I never want to do what's pleasing to the Lord and make much of Christ. I'm selfish and lack affections for Christ.

Instead of giving into my emotional wave of self-pity I know that fighting against my sin is God honoring and sin defeating. I want to live knowing I’m in war {against my flesh}. I love the illustration John Piper uses about a soldier in war. Even if the soldier has been days without sleep or without food he is still alert and ready to pull the trigger at any intruder. May we be this way in our lives, may we be alert and on guard so that when our self/flesh tells us that this isn’t that bad and that it won’t hurt anything we can be ready that fight back with the Word of God.

There is so much more that I would like to say about this but, I really want you to be able to watch the video and examine yourselves to see if you can resonate with the words of the video. If anyone ever wants to ask me a one on one question please feel free to e-mail me and we can discuss anything that comes up.

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  1. Marcie, that was a phenomenal video...it sent a shockwave through me, too. Particularly when he said something about us being at peace with our sin. That was very convicting for me.

    Thanks so much for the invite to link up. Is that on Sunday's or Mondays? I'd love to join in. And I'd like to invite you to link up with me for Mama's Heart. Each Thursday's mothers get together to share what's on their hearts and encourage one another. Would love to have you join us. Here's more info: http://www.itsgrace.com/?page_id=293


  2. wow! Wat that ever powerful and convicting. Thanks! I just put a John Piper quote on my facebook this past Sunday which was powerful as well.

  3. I love your blog, and just gave you the Stylish Blogger Award!


  4. Loved that video! Convicting and yet inspiring to stop the whining!

  5. I found your blog through the Homemaking Link up.

    Have you read Piper's "When You Don't Desire God: How to Fight For Joy?" I have just finished it and it has been so challenging. About 6 months ago, I came to a point where I was so broken by my sin and wanted what I believe to be true in my head to get to my heart and stop repeating the same cycle of sin and guilt. Anyways, your post completely resonated with me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pam, God has really gifted John Piper to minister to the church and the Lord has convicted me so much through his preaching.

  7. Cheryl, I read Piper's "When You Don't Desire God" over and over for about a year! It was the hardest book for me to read because it rocked my theology in so many ways! The biggest lesson it taught me was that even my faith in Christ {as a believer} and my desires for God/Bible/Spiritual growth is from God. Wow, so much for self-help lol!

  8. Wow!!! What a powerful video!!! Loved so many things that he said in it! Thanks for recommending John Piper's book, "When You Don't Desire God".....I heard a lot of great comments about it and need to order it. :)

    Thanks for linking up with Good Morning Girls this week! :)

    Love God Greatly!