Thursday, January 6, 2011


I read an article this morning that made me stand still. It caused me to contemplate my actions and moved me towards repentance. It’s a very simple, yet overlooked sin: Ungratefulness. Dr. Russell Moore was featured on The Resurgence site with an article titled, "Why I'm Ungrateful."

Dr. Moore gives a scenario which happens to us moms nearly everyday and how to deal with the ungratefulness. He talks about how we have seasons of fasting and praying for something specific {spouse, kids etc} yet, we rarely spend seasons of thanksgiving after we have what we spend hours praying for. The thing we wanted becomes apart of the daily routines and it's easy to not view it as a blessing.

This is only an appetizer to the article, head on over to The Resurgence to read it in full! Pin It Now!

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