Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Home: Launching Pad for the Gospel

In reflecting on the passing of a year and a new one just beginning I have sought out what I want to be a major focus in the upcoming time. I want my home to be a Launching Pad for the Gospel. I'm not sure what all the Lord wants me to include in this but, a few things I do know are…

When I first married I moved away from all family and everyone I knew with my Prince Charming. I loved my new life with my husband and loved the fact that we had ran off into the sunset five hours away to the mountains to attend college. It was such a sweet time where we learned to work out our differences and spend three years learning each other in a deep way.

After college graduation we moved again and had another year together by ourselves. During these first few years of marriage I focused on my education and growing in my marriage. During this past year we entered the process of adoption and have welcomed two children in our home to become apart of our family. Due to extensive behavior problems and overwhelming attachment needs I began to shift my focus from education to building attachments with our kids.

During this time we moved to a bigger home so we were able to accommodate our new growing family, so I had lots of room to host, yet, due to attachment needs I had to be very careful in allowing the kids to be with other adults. Any adult was viewed as their 'mommie' or 'daddie.' So, I had to be completely focused on my family.

Within the past six months the Lord has been healing the kids in so many ways, in particular attachment issues. This has given me such a refreshing mindset knowing that I'm able to begin hosting and focusing not only inward to my family but, outward to others outside my family as well. {Please don't think I wasn't able to minister and help others outside my family during the past six months, but, I'm able to so much more now.}

With the upcoming year I truly want my home to be a Launching Pad for the Gospel. I want to build deeper relationships with my neighbors and invite them into my home in hopes of sharing the Gospel and seeing them transformed by the wonderful Truths.

The other way I want to seek for my home to be a Launching Pad for the Gospel is by coming to the aid of hurting believers and those in need of discipleship. How can I encourage those in need who are already believers, by showing them Christ? Giving them advice which points to the Gospel, the work of Christ which not only transforms the person who accepts Christ for the first time, but also transforms the Believer in each situation they are faced with.

In future posts I will be sharing how I plan on practically caring this out. Pin It Now!


  1. How wonderful. This is my dream as well. I pray the Lord blesses your ministry richly!


  2. Our witness really does begin at home - you're absolutely right! Wonderful reminder of how our homes should reflect and share Christ.

  3. Inspiring post!! I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I'm now a follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  4. Marcie...what an encouragement you are! It's great to see wonderful posts from you! {We both have Abort73.com on our blogs too - how awesome is that?}. I look forward to more!

    Becky B.