Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Mercies

As a calendar is changed over I reflect on all of the mercies granted to me and my family in 2010.

My husband and I went to the North West Territory in Canada and became aware of the needs in this region for the Gospel.

I was able to go to Youth Camp with my husband and minister/form bonds with special young ladies.

The Lord was gracious to my husband when he hemorrhaged a week after his tonsil surgery. After two emergency procedures three spots were found and taken care of.

God has given us two children to guard, protect, shelter, love, cherish, give Hope to and display the Gospel to.

Christ has seen us through many trials during the Adoption process and has helped the kids form attachments with us {despite them never forming attachments in other homes they have lived in}.

The Lord showed me a new way in which I could serve and honor Him {through Don't Waste your Homemaking}.

God has shown me more in this past year my sinful heart and how I'm in need of the Gospel every moment.

As the calendar changes a new update in the Adoption process has occurred. A seemingly impossible situation has occurred and we are one step closer to wrapping up the process! This of course won't happen quickly but, so many obstacles have been removed in the past six months... 6 major ones!
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