Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peace on Earth Challenge

Can I say that this is my first Christmas with Kids and I want to make sure and savor each moment of it! I love creating traditions, especially during the holidays. I want December to be a peaceful and bonding time for my family. I want us to be able to soak up every Christmas song and movie each Advent devotional each teachable moment everything that this month will bring. However, I do feel a little strangled when I think of EVERYTHING that must be done this month. I've never waited this long to shop for Christmas but, it's the beginning of December and I've only purchased a few gifts and babysitters are hard to find when you live hours away from family.

Anyway, this gets me to another challenge from Courtney, a December challenge that I hope will help me to focus on Christ and try to enjoy my family this month. The first challenge is to write 1Peter 5:7 on my planner so that when I turn to it I can remember that God cares when I'm struggling with all I have to do and He will give me wisdom about the things I must do and the things that I could mark off the list.

If your a blogger then I hope you will join me over at
Women Living Well for the link up each week. If your not a blogger then please join along and leave comments so I know your going on this journey with me!
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  1. I'm in tears after watching your video. I am feeling so overwhelmed that I, in fact, just sat on my couch a few hours ago, with pains in my lower back and abdomen and had a panic attack right in front of my husband. He insisted that I sit and just..."be" on the couch. In those quiet moments, I literally felt peace falling on my shoulders as I prayed for it. I don't even know that I was praying for peace - just "Please God, I can't do this."

    I'm joining you in your challenge. Thank you for calling us out on the carpet on this. And thank you for this encouraging post.

  2. Nice to meet you from WLW Peace on Earth Challenge.

    Looking forward to a peaceful month!