Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peace on Earth Challenge #2

Challenge Number 2 for Peace on Earth December challenge is one I'm going to definitely enjoy!
After an amazing post on why our bodies need rest and relaxation {
find it here} Courtney gives very specific instructions for this week’s challenge which is taking a bubble bath:

An awesome bubble bath takes planning so here's what you need:

1. Privacy - all children asleep and the husband aware that you don't want to be interrupted

2. Hot water and loads of Bubbles - preferably ones that smell yummy!

3. Some soft classical music

4. A hand towel rolled up as a pillow

5. A cold drink to set beside the tub

6. Your Bible and if you are afraid you'll get it wet - exchange it for a good Christian book or simply quietness - reflecting on your day and talking with God in prayer.

Optional: a lit candle

Now sit back, RELAX, be alone with just you and God - 25 minutes and VOILA - you emerge a new woman. {taken directly from Women Living Well}

I already feel relaxed! When I take relaxing baths I also like to get some body scrub and face masks to put on.

Please head over to
Courtney's blog to read her full post {which is very helpful during this busy season} and to check out all the ladies joining in on this challenge!

{if you missed the first week challenge you can check it out here}
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  1. Came over from WLW Courtney... I love your blog design, it is SO cute!

  2. I am doing this peace challenge as well and I love hot bubble baths! :)

  3. Cute blog! I'm doing this challenge as well. I've never been big on baths, I'm more of a shower gal, but I think I will give it a go!