Monday, November 22, 2010

Unique Christmas Gifts

I've been thinking about Christmas gifts a lot lately... every year I seek to find special gifts that are unique to the person I'm giving to. This Christmas I'm attempting to make several gifts but, I also want to buy gifts from 'Nesters' like me! {women who are stay at home mamas who make and sell homemade goods} I've found my fav. Homemade Nester! Introducing....

{etsy shop}

Why am I endorsing this lovely gal {verses all the other zillion etsy moms}? Basically because.... she rocks! I found her shop and had googily eyes. Her stuff is Amazing and very affordable. I had several questions and custom orders and she responded so quickly and shipped fast! I'll show you a few things I bought from her and some I just thing are precious...

$10.50 {for all the Mommie Nesters out there}

$1 Handmade Rosette {I used these to make hair clips}

$6.00 Cutsie little girl headband {custom colors}

So, check her out and order some Christmas gifts from her... you won't be disappointed! {She's not paying me to do this or giving me a discount... how could I ask for a discount her stuff is already so affordable} I seriously just am in love with her stuff!

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