Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unashamed of the Gospel

For I am not ashamed of the gospel" Romans 1:16

Are you ashamed of the gospel? I’ve found that on the surface the easy response is, “no” but, practically it's easy to be ashamed of the gospel. Being ashamed includes not wanting to tell someone about Christ due to us fearing confrontation, ridicule or causing someone to think we're simply dumb. As Christians, we have a tendency to be ashamed of the gospel in our culture due to the new wave of atheism and the strong opinions that they are putting forth by books, interviews and debates. It's easy to think that the church prior to this point didn't have non-Christians who were intellectual and could really debate the accuracy of scriptures and the existence of God.

What about Paul? In the context of Romans, Paul was saying to not be ashamed of the gospel. Do you think he was talking to cavemen or people who weren't very smart? I'd never really thought through this but, No, he wasn't!

Listen to what Francis Schaeffer says about who Paul shared the gospel with:

He {Paul} was surrounded by the Greek and Roman world with all its intellectual understanding, yet he isn't ashamed of what he is preparing to speak about."

We also find that Jesus has warned us to be ashamed of the intellectual content of His teachings in Luke 9:26. Look at the ways in which Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel

Mars Hill {Acts 17}, Confronting religious leaders, Imprisoned in Rome.

So, what does this look like for homemakers? I work in my home... this is my full time job and honestly it's hard for me to meet non-believers especially due to the fact that my husband is in Seminary and is in full-time ministry. Yet, I'm still called to be unashamed of the Gospel. I propose to you ladies who are in the same place to pray and ask God for unbelievers that you can minister to through your home. Let's seek out our neighbors, the hurting lady who opens up to you at the store {this has happened several times to me} and open our homes up to them. Let's use hospitality to befriend and share the Gospel.

It's easy to be in our homes, serving God through homemaking to our families, and neglect looking outward and serve others through our homes. What's stopping us from making that pumpkin bread and taking it to our neighbors to form relationships to share the gospel? What's keeping us from having the neighborhood kids over and letting our family and our home display the Gospel?

Do you ladies struggle with this as I do? May the Lord help us to practically not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
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  1. I love this, Marcie! So, so good. It is such a struggle not to become caught up in my own home and life and forget the world outside... but our homes must be ministry outposts. Thank you for the reminder!!

  2. I am visiting your blog via Good Morning Girls. Love the title of your blog...finding the balance between homemaking and ministry is an ongoing process for things are always changing. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. This is such a beautiful article. You really hit the nail on the head about us needing to be intentional about finding ways to meet unbelievers and minister to them. Hospitality and having a listening ear are great ways to minister to those in our paths. Thank you for sharing the way you have.

    This is my first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed it! I am becoming a follower! Visiting from Good morning Girls...

    Blessings to you and your family and all those you meet in your path!

    Mary Joy